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Below are a collection of articles I’ve written about the different aspects of the writing process touching on everything from how to spark story ideas to how to handle social media. If you’re looking for advice on a topic, please feel free to peruse and see if I’ve covered it. If not, feel free to ask my opinion on the topic, and I may very well write an article on it.

I hope that you find these articles helpful, and that I’m able to shed some light on the world of writing.



This section includes details on how to create characters, where you can generate ideas for characters, and what makes a good character.

7 Tips for Naming Your Characters

Character Creation

Diversity as Originality



These articles are about the knitty-gritty technical aspects of writing and some ideas on how you might improve those skills.

4 Tips for Writing a Killer Ending to Your Story

5 Technical Tips to Improve Your Dialogue

7 Stylistic Tips to Improve Your Dialogue


How to Create Thematic Imagery For Your Stories

Point Of View and Tense

Purple Prose

“Write What You Know”

Writing: Description

Writing: Outlining a Scene


Creativity and Inspiration

Have a deadline for a writing contest but can’t generate a story idea? Here are some thoughts on creativity and inspiration for fiction authors.

Combating Self-Doubt as an Author

Non-Writing Activities That Can Improve Creativity

Steal Like an Artist (Or How Originality is Misunderstood)


Elemental Genres

Elemental genres are the genres that can exist in any type of story. For example, there are a lot of stories with romance subplots, so even if you don’t want to write a Romance novel, you will need to know how to handle romantic scenes. These articles provide some tips for how to tackle specific elemental genre and scene styles.

5 Tips for Writing About Parties

6 Tips for Writing Humor

How to Write a Fight Scene

What Makes a Good Horror Story?


Genre Breakdowns

These articles look into the different subgenres of Sci-fi and Fantasy and give insight into their histories as well as what characteristics specifically define them.

What is Urban Fantasy?



This section includes articles about how to plot out a story (or not) and how to improve on writing aspects of your plot, like twists and so forth.

Outlining: Do I Need To?

Outlining…Or Not: Some Tips for Discovery Writers

Outlining: Different Methods



These articles detail the different parts of the writing process from first draft through editing and provide some suggestions on how to tackle each phase.

5 Quick Editing Tips to Clean Up Your Manuscript

First Draft: The Screenwriting Method

First Draft: Tent-Pole Writing



Having trouble finding time to write? Or maybe you’re not writing as much as you’d like in the time you do have? These are some articles about creating a writing routine and becoming more productive in your writing.

3 Time Blocking Methods

How to Create a Writing Routine

Writing Itinerary: 5K Word Day

Writing Itinerary: The Michael Moorcock Method

Writing Routine: Do I Need To Write Every Day?

Writing Routine: Establishing Consistency

Writing Routine: The 500 Club

Writing Faster With Dictation


World Building and Setting

This section provides some insight into world building and setting design. Whether you are writing a story in the real world or a made up one, you will need to have a strong understanding of your setting, and these articles are designed to help.

How Much Must You Know About Your World?

World Building Philosophy: Avoiding Defaulting and Othering

World Building Philosophy: Real World Issues



Author Platform

Every author, whether pursuing the traditional publishing path or the newly emergent path of self-publishing, will need an author platform to capitalize on the connections that can be made with readers online. These are my suggestions as to how to go about building that platform.

10 Content Marketing Topics for Your Author Platform

Content Creation: Writing On Writing

Content Creation: Should I Write Book Reviews?

Marketing: Basic Tips

Time Online

Your Online Presence as an Author



When self-publishing, an author has to handle the aspects of the writing business that usual fall into the hands of publishing houses or agents. These are my suggestions as to how to navigate some of these areas from cover design to promoting your work.

Book Cover Tips

Why Self-Publish?