Voices of YA Tag

I was tagged a week or so ago for this venture by Claerie Kavanaugh, a writer friend I met through Kim Chance and her #Chance2Connect chats. So thank you for the tag and an opportunity for some more content, Claerie! I should also note, as per THA RULES, that this tag was assembled by Caitlin … More Voices of YA Tag

Diversity as Originality

While perusing some of the early review and think-pieces on Iron Fist, I found a piece on Quartz entitled “‘Iron Fist’ proves Marvel is obsessed with rich white men—and it’s ruining their superheroes“. Now, regardless of your feelings about Iron Fist, I thought the article brought up a great ending argument that can be applied … More Diversity as Originality

What Went Wrong with Mass Effect 3’s Ending?

This coming Tuesday Mass Effect: Andromeda, the fourth entry into the Mass Effect series, will be hitting shelves…or digital download availability, as it were. Despite some shaky early reviews, I’d still say that this game is highly anticipated given how loved the original trilogy is. Still, despite its popularity, there was a lot of uproar, … More What Went Wrong with Mass Effect 3’s Ending?