Hi, and welcome to my site! I’m J. Young-Ju Harris, an author and blogger from New York City. I write various forms of nerd and writerly related content for this site and have recently released a contemporary fantasy series called Nine Tails.

Author Bio:

I am a speculative fiction writer and author of the novella series Nine Tails, a contemporary YA fantasy based on Korean folklore, or as I sometimes describe it “Buffy meets Korean Myth.”

I also write this blog! (More on that later…)

I remember wanting to become a writer after I got hooked on reading the Redwall books and discovered that I wanted to tell my own stories in my own worlds. I’ve dabbled in other interests, like wanting to be a rockstar or to design the next hit indie board game, but I’ve always come back to writing and my love of story.

I enjoy reading and writing speculative fiction, especially that of the space opera or cyberpunk persuasion. But perhaps more than writing, I enjoy daydreaming about made up places and made up people. “Author” just happens to be the only profession that lets me (maybe) get paid for this.

When not working on different types of writing, I mostly enjoy playing video games (League of Legends and Mass Effect being favorites), watching too much TV, reading less than I should, and getting lost in the endless black hole of YouTube music videos.

Now for some more info on this blog…

Blog Content:

For the moment I’m posting content once a week on Sundays. Some of my articles will be about the different things happening in the vast lands of geekdom, whether that’s in TV, movies, or books and comics. Others might be things about writing, such as tips or author interviews.

In the near future I will be rolling out articles focusing mostly on storytelling, cultural myths, diversity, and the values that we pass down through fiction.

There will of course be some marketing work for my fiction projects sprinkled in there as well, but by and large that’s an explanation of the type of content you can expect to see on each day.

If any of this sounds appealing, please follow the site or check back on Sundays. You can also connect with me on social media (my standard online hangouts in the sidebar) and chat me up or follow what I’m up to.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll come back soon!

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