Update: Next Post Will Be Sept 20th (and Other News)

I know I’ve been a little inconsistent about post on this site lately, and that has been, in large part, due to my trying to figure out what I wanted to do moving forward with this blog. I’ve been outlining content and considering other content marketing possibilities, and now I’ll be moving forward with some changes.

I’m going to be doing a site redesign, which you’ll probably start to see tomorrow. This site will also have a new name and address…which I haven’t settled on yet. But the next piece of content will be released on the 20th.

As far as content goes, things won’t change too much here. I know a lot of you have come to follow this blog to get tips about writing fiction, and so I will continuing to provide articles to that effect. In fact, this site will be exclusively about all things writing-related, and I will no longer be doing movie reviews, TV show rundowns, or other content like that.

In order to better promote my fiction writing, I will also be starting another author website geared entirely towards making content related to the types of stories I’m writing. I’m planning to launch that site on the 17th. Anyone who has an interest in that, it will be linked to this this, and I will announce it here. [So technically the next post on this site will be on the 17th…but the next really new post will be on the 20th!]

Anyway, thank you all for reading my work. I’m excited to be presenting new writing-related content as well as putting together some pieces directly meant to relate to and promote my fiction. I hope you enjoy my new posts when they come back. Enjoy your Labor Day holiday, and I’ll see you on the 20th!


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