Nine Tails Episode 4 Release Announcement

Nine Tails, Episode 4: Into the Shadowlands is now available in the Kindle store. The synopsis is as follows:

Sora has discovered that her sister has been taken into the Shadowlands, a realm without any form of natural light. Feeling that the chase is coming to an end, she enlists the help of all her contacts for a final mission to rescue Nari.

Jason joins the team to help, and his new friend Min comes along as well. What the group doesn’t realize is the true nature of who, or what, Min is. Will her true nature hurt the team? And will they be able to track down Sora’s sister in a land of only darkness?

If you have a chance to read it, please leave an honest review on the Amazon page. Getting reviews helps indie authors like myself draw more readers to our work.

Thanks for checking out the story, and I hope you enjoy it!


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