Nine Tails Episode 3 Release Announcement


Nine Tails, Episode 3: The Serpent and The Centipede is now available in the Kindle Store.

This episode gives us some back story on Ki-yung, the development of his relationship of Sora, and how they both came to be exiled from the Sky Kingdom of Okhwang in the Spirit World.

Episode 4: Into the Shadowlands, will be released on March 18th and Episode 5 will be released on April 1st.

I will also be releasing a blog post tomorrow, as well as on the usual Wednesday and Saturday schedule. I realize that I’ve been using release posts as “content”, which isn’t very helpful to any readers who are looking for informative articles and tune in to only find a book release. Moving forward, I won’t be reducing my posting with release posts.

So tomorrow, be ready for an article with my thoughts on Season 1 of Emerald City!

Thanks for continuing to follow this blog. I hope you will check out my fiction work, but either way thank you for reading my posts, and I will see you tomorrow.


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