Nine Tails Episode 2 Release Announcement


Nine Tails, Episode 2: Masks is live now on the Kindle Store. As before, you can pick up the e-book for 99 cents or grab it for free if you are an Amazon Prime member.

The synopsis for the story is as follows:

Sora’s attempt to stop her sister’s kidnapping has failed. With no other leads, she decides to pursue a mysterious masked man who may have information on her sister’s whereabouts . But when she learns Jason is in danger, she must set aside her search and race against time to save him.

Back in the mortal world, Jason is unaware that his life may be in peril. He’s doing his best to enjoy the summer away from college by partying with his friends. That’s when he reconnects with Min, a former high school classmate. But is there more to her than meets the eye? And is she a danger to Jason or a potential ally?

If you do read it, please leave an honest (good or bad) review on the site. That helps with discoverability for indie authors like myself. And if you haven’t read Episode 1, check that out too!


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