TV Review: iZombie Season 2

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The second season of iZombie finished this past Tuesday with a rousing two hour season finale, and so here’s another article on my thoughts about one of the many TV shows that I watch. Keep in mind that if you are not caught up with the series that there are spoilers as I will be discussing all of the points I thought worked and didn’t work this season.

And here we go…

The Same But Different:

Perhaps the best part about iZombie in its second season is how it was able to maintain all of the charm of its procedural format that made it so good in the first season. Liv still eats brains and solves crimes, and she takes on some really fun personalities (my favorite of which was a college bro), and this formula is still gold.

What changed were the overarching series plot points. Blaine returned to the show, but this time not as the series villain so much as a secondary antagonist and at times strange ally to Liv. The primary villain became Vaughn Du Clark, the head of Max Rager (played brilliantly by Steven Weber), who sought to eliminate any remaining zombies in order to protect his company brand. He ends up enlisting Major to help him with this, threatening Liv’s life to get him to cooperate. Major and the Max Rager storyline provide the through thread that connects the entire season, and it’s a pretty solid arc.

The writing also remain top-notch, with the exchanges between the characters being consistently funny, and the relationships evolving between them continuing to feel very realistic and authentic. I think the show is one of the best written shows on television, and the writers certainly didn’t drop the ball this season.

Things I Didn’t Like:

The first thing I wasn’t a big fan of was how Liv’s conflict with her family never really becomes a big plot point for the season. The cliffhanger from Season One saw her brother on the verge of death and needing a blood transfusion, which Liv obviously couldn’t give him. But the fallout from this turn of events is largely forgotten a couple of episodes into the season. I thought this would be a major subplot for the series, but it never materialized.

This is a little nitpicky admittedly, but I also wasn’t a big fan of Gilda’s death in the finale. After she became a zombie, I thought that maybe she could end up working with Liv and the others, or that maybe she could fulfill a role similar to Blaine’s as being a kind of frenemy, especially if he’s becoming more of a hero. I think there was a lot of potential to develop interesting story lines around her, but it looks like that won’t happen. I think this may just be my personal preference, because I do like a good redemption arc, but I do honestly believe Gilda ended up being a little underutilized.

Developments I’m Excited About:

I’m really happy that Clive is finally part of Team Zombie. I’m happy that the writers recognize that the show could only go for so long without him being cued into what was going on, and tying his inclusion to the group with Major’s fate was a really great way to bring the team together. I’m excited to see how his partnership with Liv evolves as the show goes forward, now that he knows exactly what she is and how she operates.

I think Blaine’s possible redemption arc, following his memory loss with the new zombie antidote, is a really interesting direction to take the character. It seems almost inevitable that he will eventually start regaining his memories, and I think that will lead to some interesting conflicts. Can he continue to be the good person he’s becoming? Or does he go back to the villain we know and love?


iZombie continued to be one of the best shows on television in its second season, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you really should. Even the issues I brought up could still be resolved in Season Three. There is no reason that the writers couldn’t add in the family subplot and have Liv reuniting with them. In the face of a potential zombie apocalypse, which the season to cliffhanger sort of alludes to, that subplot would make a lot of sense.

Have you caught up with iZombie? What are your thoughts on the show? Do you agree with my assessment? Feel free to leave a comment below or hit me up on social media to share your opinions.


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