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I’ve been working on this website for a long time to put out content as a way to generate an internet presence. I’ve written book reviews, movie reviews, TV show reviews, really a whole mess of content about all kinds of things I enjoy consuming. But I haven’t really spent much time writing about the actual craft of writing, the things that go into creating a story, or the process of building out an author platform (something you need to know how to do whether you’re going to self-publish or follow the traditional path).

Why have I avoided writing on writing, you ask? Well, I felt like there were so many articles out there that I wouldn’t have any meaningful insights to add to the plethora of information already available. The thing is the more articles about outlining, character development, plot twists, and so forth that I’ve read, the more I’ve realized that people have all kinds of advice. Sometimes it’s even directly in contradiction to what another author suggests. Just as with any art, there is no one way to go about writing fiction.

This is why I finally decided to start writing my own advice articles about fiction writing. And quite frankly, if you need content to draw attention to your author platform, I urge you to do the same. As an artist you will always have some insight into the process that is unique or some technique that other people aren’t talking about. Or maybe you’ll even just have a different grouping of essential skills that you think other writers should focus on if they want to improve.

Aspiring writers are always looking for different forms of advice on how they can write better stories, be more productive, or generate more of a following. I can guarantee that some part of your process or some combination of the elements you’ve found to generate success are going to provide new and helpful insights to others, especially those who are just starting out their own author journeys.

So don’t be afraid that you’re being repetitive or that you have nothing to add to the conversation. If you need content, share your thoughts and experience with the world and write about writing.


4 thoughts on “Content Creation: Writing On Writing

  1. I love this post! And I love the stand that you’ve taken on this issue. When I first started blogging, not only was I trying to figure out what I was doing (in terms of audience, niche, market,etc) but I also didn’t know my own voice. As this new year has started, I’ve started branching out of my comfort zone due to the philosophy that “everything that’s ever been said has already been said, it’s whether or not people were listening”. You’re 100% right. As writers, we need to get out there. Share our opinions and experiences. We never know the value that we’re providing to someone unless we put ourselves out on that ledge and jump. Great post!!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed this and found it helpful. It took me a couple of years to come around to writing about craft (and a lot of the time I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing), but I think it was the right decision.

      1. I’m so glad that you did! You along with other creatives who innovate everyday are part of the system that inspires me to become better and to challenge myself everyday! Keep being awesome! I look forward to more amazing content from you. ^.^

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