Joining Pinterest and Blog Update

In an effort to expand my platform in a fun new direction, I’ve recently joined Pinterest. I’m a very visual person, and ideas for my writing are often inspired by pieces of art I see, especially things related to sci-fi and fantasy. I will also often see things in some of the games I play that give me ideas for projects I’m working on. Pinterest will give me the ability to share some of those inspirational images, along with book covers and other things related to my work in the future. Check out my profile if you use the site!

As for the blog update, I just wanted to say that in the near future I will be moving away from doing book reviews and shifting towards writing more about my own story projects. If people are interested, I may also write some posts on my writing process or the self-publishing route I’m going to be pursuing (if any of that sounds interesting, please say so in the comments!).

This isn’t to say that I won’t be writing any reviews in the future. In fact my next couple of posts will still be book reviews. But moving forward I would rather focus my efforts on my own writing rather than putting time and energy into writing reviews every single week. I also wanted to share some of the things I’m developing with all of you. I’ll be sharing write-ups of different fantastical locations that I’ve built for my world as well as some fun information on the characters I’ll be writing about.

I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy following me during this time as I start taking things in a new direction and gearing up for the release of some of my fiction projects in the near-future. Thanks for reading!


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