Short Story: City of Ash

Hello, dear readers. I know that over the past couple of weeks I haven’t posted either frequently or with any kind of regularity or schedule. I don’t really have a great excuse, other than #summer, but I’m planning on having some more content up soon. We’ll get to that in a moment. In the meantime I wanted to share a great short story for your reading pleasure.

Almost two months ago I wrote a review for Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Water Knife, which is a fabulous novel if you haven’t read it already, and it turns out he released a short story prequel called “City of Ash“.

Whether you’ve read The Water Knife or not, I definitely recommend checking this story out. It will give you some insight into the setting, and it portrays just a bit of the not-so-unrealistic future Bacigalupi portrays for America in the face of global warming.

I’m going to be traveling this weekend, so I won’t have any new posts up until next week, but in my next post I will be reviewing the wonderful Jenna Moreci’s soon to be released novel EVE: The Awakening. If you want to go ahead and check out the first three chapters for free (or even order a pre-release copy on Amazo)n, you can head over to her site. Otherwise, you can wait for my review and see how you feel then.


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