Short Story Sunday: Pimpf

Today I’m sharing something more comedic for your Sunday reading pleasure. “Pimpf“, by Charles Stross, is a short story featuring Bob Howard and other characters from Stross’ series The Laundry Files. The Laundry is a secret organization in England that protects the world from supernatural and demonic threats. In this particular story, Howard is monitoring mods to the MMORPG Neverwinter Nights that might lead to demons finding their way into our world through glitches in the programming math.

“Pimpf” is a very funny and fast paced short story that was attached to the end of the second The Laundry Files book The Jennifer Morgue. Bringing together video game culture, a secret agency, and Cthulhu demons is a great mash-up, and the tone of the narrator ties it together in a great way. This is the first time I’ve ever read anything by Stross, and though it’s set in an existing series, I didn’t feel lost at what was going on. And now that I’ve read this story, I’m certainly tempted to read more of his work…


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