Short Story Sunday: Drive

In December The Expanse will be premiering on Syfy channel. Based on the space opera series by James S.A. Corey (a pen name for authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), the story takes place in a future where Earth, Mars, and The Belt all fight for control of the solar system.

As part of the promotions for the show, Corey recently released a short story entitled “Drive” about the life of Solomon Epstein, the man who creates the Epstein Drive. This story takes place before the colonization of the belt and shows some of the tension that already existed between Earth and Mars, as the Martian colony began to break away from its home planet. It’s a great read that fills in some of the history of the setting and shows the development of technologies used in the primary series.


There was also a new trailer released for The Expanse at San Diego Comic Con. If you need more reasons to get excited for the show, check it out.

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