Short Story Sunday: Chimeras

A few weeks ago I posted a story by my friend Julie Steinbacher called “Inter-Exo“. She has another story published in the online magazine and podcast Escape Pod called “Chimeras“. You can read the story or enjoy the great podcast narration by Jessica Dubish.

“Chimeras” is a bio-punk story about a future where humans can modify themselves with different animal aspects. Told in the second person, it follows a woman who has recently broken up with a boyfriend who cheated on her and decides to have her body modified, something her recent ex was against.

The story follows the narrator’s journey into the new world of the chimeras, allowing the reader to see the implications of what this kind of extreme body modification could have on society. However, it is also very much about the character’s personal life, her relationships, and how things in her life change, or in many ways really don’t, despite all of her outward physical changes.


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