The Blade Runner View of L.A.

Well it’s a Friday, so who really wants to do (or read) anything serious? To that end, I thought I’d simply share something cool. Essayist Colin Marshall has been working on a series of videos called Los Angeles, the City in Cinema. In these videos he looks at how the world’s premiere movie city is itself portrayed in film.

Naturally, as a sci-fi and cyberpunk fan, the video that has most sparked my interest is his look into how Blade Runner portrays L.A. and how it has inspired what people think of when they think of L.A. in the future. Marshall discusses how Ridley Scott was able to use retrofuturism to let audiences connect with the film. Using familiar visuals, like old styles of architecture, and familiar themes, like the Noir detective story often associated with L.A., to keep audiences grounded, he was able to present a wildly futuristic story and setting that became easier to relate to.

If you’re a fan of Blade Runner, or even if you just have interest in the city of Los Angeles, I definitely recommend checking this video out. It’s only seven minutes in length, just about the right amount of time for some quick procrastination on a Friday. Amirite?


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