The Webcomics I’m Reading and You Should Too: OFFcell

So upfront I have to admit that this comic is less developed than many of the other comics (web or otherwise) that I’ve written about here before. However, after only a chapter and a half in, I do think that it has a great deal of potential.

OFFcell is the brainchild of the artist known as Nips, who is probably best known for her work doing alterations in the League of Legends community. The story follows a group of criminals in an international high security prison. So far the story has focused primarily on Pim Klein, a German serial killer, and his cell mate Jago Jinpa, a Tibetan human trafficker. Klein in particular has started to see more of his character fleshed out through some back story involving a rather strange (read: seemingly sexual) relationship with his sister who appears to have driven his actions.

However, outside of the criminals and their personal stories, there seems to be something else going on in the prison. Apparently the prison organizers rate their prisoners on some kind of scale, and those who fall below a certain threshold are punished. Why they do this or what the punishment is hasn’t been revealed yet, but that’s certainly something that has me intrigued, and I’m curious to see what the reveal is.

In terms of art, the comic is drawn in a manga style. It does feature some of the cutesy stylistic conventions that I am not particularly fond of, but overall I’d say the art is one of the strong points of the comic, one of the draws if you will.

If you’re looking for a new webcomic, then I would definitely give this a read. As I said, it hasn’t gotten very far yet, so you can get in before there are hundreds of pages to catch up on, and I think the premise is certainly interesting enough to give it a shot.


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