“Real Gamers” Or “Scrubs”: Competitive Vs Casual, More Specifically Though Smash Bros.

Nice post on how designers should approach games as easy to learn, hard to master, so that everyone has an opportunity to play.

God This Is Gonna Go Wrong


You know what the new year needs? Negativity and a bit of complaining, there just isn’t much like it. I find myself while browsing the usual sites after the hiatus that was the Christmas period to stumble upon a little article about an interview with the Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai. In the interview it has been translated (and thus is not concrete information but for the sake of this post let us just assume it is truth) that he believes that a Smash Bros catered to the competitive scene alone would not thrive, as well as saying that he could have made a more technical and complicated game for the competitive players but beginners would be alienated.

Sakurai has been rather persistent in his belief that the game series he has created is not one to be played particularly competitively, with the major games of the series that are 

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