The Shows I’m Watching and You Should Too: The Librarians

To be totally honest up front, I can’t really say that The Librarians is a great show. But man is it a fun one. If you’re looking for easily digestible entertainment for the New Year, then this show is certainly for you.

For those who don’t know the premise, the Library is a magical warehouse of sorts, and it is the job of the Librarian to find magical items and bring them to the Library for safe keeping. Noah Wyle made three TV movies for TNT that followed his adventures as Flynn Carsen the latest of the librarians, and he appears in the show as well. However, now things have gone amiss and the Library has disappeared. Three new librarian recruits, along with their guardian, have been assembled to assist Carsen in tracking down magical items while he searches for the Library to try and restore it.

Rebecca Romijn plays the part of Eve Baird, a former NATO counter terrorist operative, and now the Guardian of the group is responsible for protecting the three new Librarians: a thief named Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), a math genius named Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) who is a math genius with a brain tumor, and a day laborer from Oklahoma named Jacob Stone (Christian Kane) who is also an architecture and art history expert. They are aided by Jenkins (John Larroquette) the custodian of their remote Library location who provides the intel on what they are up against.

The show has also landed some fun guest stars in the first few episodes. Tricia Helfer and Bruce Campbell have each guest starred in an episode, and I hope that the show continues the trend of finding cool guest stars, especially ones that have some “nerd cred” from other shows or movies, to appear as the series continues.

Each week the team essentially has to tackle a new magical problem, like stopping a corporation that is sacrificing its interns to a Minotaur to generate profits or saving Santa from being kidnapped so that he can spread his holiday cheer. The format is largely episodic and involves the team using their specific talents together in order to save the day. Like I said at the top, this isn’t the greatest show ever, and it is very similar to other shows you’ve seen, but it still manages to be fun and entertaining even within the walls of its formula.


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