Keep Flying: A Review of Leaves On The Wind

Well, after the show was cancelled there was the movie. And after the movie didn’t generate enough for a sequel, there are now the comics. Firefly is finally back with Leaves On The Wind, the beginning of the continuation of the series. Picking up after the events of Serenity, the story follows our favorite crew as they try to evade the attention of the Alliance and try to avoid becoming entangled in a newly formed revolutionary movement that has cropped up following the revelation about the Alliance’s (alleged) ties to the Reavers.

I have to say that I really enjoyed what Zack Whedon, Georges Jeanty, and the rest of the Dark Horse Comics crew was able to do with the series. As much as I enjoyed Serenity, I do have to say it didn’t really tie in to Firefly. The Hands of Blue, who were an ominous set of villains in the show, and their patron Blue Sun Corporation, didn’t make any kind of appearance in the film. Other things from the show, like Shepherd Book’s past, were also never covered. Ultimately it felt like Serenity and Firefly were a bit disconnected from each other.

Leaves On The Wind manages to straddle both of them and begin a new chapter in the series. We see what “the ‘verse” is like in the wake of the events of Serenity, both for the crew and for the world(s) at large. But the writers also managed to bring back some things from Firefly, like the infamous bounty hunter Mr. Early.

And that weird Alliance cruiser thingy…

It’s great for the series to get back, at least a little bit, to its roots. And, as I alluded to earlier, the story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, so it would seem that Dark Horse Comics has more to deliver in the world of Firefly.

The one critique I can make about the story, and this is a feeling I’ve had about other Dark Horse projects I’ve read, is that the pacing is a bit quick. What I mean to say is that events happen very quickly with minimal build-up. Perhaps I’m spoiled by comics like Saga that have an amazing sense for pacing in a story, but it seems to me that Dark Horse Comics writers jam a lot into a tale, and so some of their plot lines resolve rather suddenly.

Overall, I’d definitely say that this is worth a read, especially for fans of Firefly. I don’t know whether or not Joss Whedon has officially thrown in the towel on making a TV or film sequel, so for now this is probably the best we’re gonna get. But I have to say it’s still pretty good.


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