A Short Film Review: “Wanderers”

“Wanderers” by Erik Wernquist is an excellent string of visuals about our potential future exploration of our solar system and outer space. As stated in the opening, the shots all replicate what different places in our solar system would look like from close up. They also show different vehicles that might be used for travel through space and across planets. An excerpt from Carl Sagan’s book Pale Blue Dot is read over the images (by Sagan himself) and set to a great piece of music by Cristian Sandquist, which, when combined, makes for the ultimate epic soundtrack to these extraordinary images.

In terms of plot, there isn’t really a whole lot going on in this film. Its more like a trailer for hyping space travel and the future of humanity among the stars. Really, Wernquist should be making propaganda films of NASA. Our interest in exploring the stars seems to have waned, an insight that is largely the basis for Interstellar, and having more people creating film, or art, or stories that can inspire us to look to the stars again is something that I definitely think is worthwhile.

And after watching this film, I dare you not to be inspired.


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