Kickstarting More of that Speculative Fiction Comedy

Do you enjoy humor and space stuff or magic? If so, you should probably check out the new Kickstarter project being put together by editor J. Alan Erwine. Entitled A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian Walk into a Space Bar the anthology brings together comedic short stories from several emerging writers in the SFF genre for your reading pleasure.

Erwine is kickstarting the project sort of as a pre-order and as a way to raise funds to pay the writers (something I fully approve of). You can get e-book copies of the book, signed print copies, and prints of the cover art, which has been done by Laura Givens, all of potential backer rewards. Those willing to pitch in at the higher end can win a chance to have a short story professionally critiqued by an editor or author, or a chance to pitch an idea to the editor of MileHiCon in Denver.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the Unidentified Funny Objects anthologies, or the works of humorous SFF authors like Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, then you should probably check out this project and support the underrated sub-genre of comedic SFF.


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