Parsec Ink’s Triangulation Anthology Will Be Accepting Submissions Soon

For those of you who enjoy writing speculative fiction short stories, Parsec Ink will be opening submissions for its annual Triangulation Anthology at the start of December. Writers are expected to submit work that adheres to a given theme. Said work must also be in the speculative fiction genre (which includes sci-fi, fantasy, and horror). This year, the theme for the contest is “Lost Voices”.

Those of you not participating in National Novel Writing Month might want to take the time to get a head start on pulling together some ideas for short stories. But even you other NaNo participants will certainly have time to work on something to submit to the anthology. Entries will be accepted from December 1st, 2014 until February 28th, 2015, providing plenty of time to write something, even if you’re initially burnt out following the month of November. It might even be a good idea to do some short story work to take a break from the novel before considering revisions.

Short stories are expected to be no more than 6,000 words (though there is no lower limit on story length), and, as they should, this anthology does pay for accepted submissions. If you’re interested, you can check out the guidelines for the anthology for more information.


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