The Opposite of War: A Review of Saga Vol. III

I don’t really want to repeat myself in terms of what I think is strong about this series, suffice it to say that it’s pretty awesome. The third volume of Saga continues to be good in all of the ways that its predecessors were in terms of art, characters, plot, and setting.

In a neat twist of chronology, this volume actually backtracks a little bit from the cliffhanger ending of the previous one and fills in some of the information we were missing. If you’ve seen the Bourne movie series, the two volumes link similarly in the way that The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum do. This third volume, currently the latest, also brings Hazel’s (the child’s) infancy to a close by its end, which makes me excited to see how the series will develop as it moves forward and she’s slightly older.

Vaughan takes a lot of shots at writers and journalists throughout this volume as well, which I found particularly humorous. Marko and Alana are actually hiding out at the home of their favorite author, a man (or alien cyclops thing) who wrote a book with a hidden message of peace. The book was one of the major factors in the two of them beginning their relationship.

The author character, Oswald, is also working on a book that has the working title The Opposite of War, and I think the question of what exactly is the opposite of war might be one of the running themes moving forward in this series. Spoiler alert, the opposite of war is not peace. As Oswald says, peace is “just a lull in the action.” I’ll be curious to see if Vaughan develops this idea further, as Oswald never fully explains what he means by the title or what his book is about.

If you haven’t started reading this series, you really should. And if you have but you haven’t gotten to Volume III, then I can assure you that it’s as good as the previous ones. Definitely check it out!


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