Short Story Sunday: –All You Zombies–

In my last post I wrote briefly about how psyched I am for the upcoming film Predestination, which is based on the Robert A. Heinlein short story –All You Zombies–. So, any guesses as to this week’s short story pick? Suh-prize!

–All You Zombies– was written by Heinlein in 1958 over the course of a single day. It was first published in 1959, and in 1980 it was nominated for the Balrog Award…though why it was nominated for this over twenty years after its initial publication I couldn’t tell you.

The story plays with the idea of an interesting paradox that could be created given specific circumstances and the ability to travel through time. I won’t ruin exactly what those circumstances are or how the story plays out, but the concept behind the story has become a very popular and oft cited one.

If you enjoy stories involving time travel, especially ones that touch on its complications, or if you want to read the source material behind Predestination before its release, then I definitely recommend checking this out.


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