Predestination Takes On a Heinlein Tale

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how producers appear to be turning to classic science-fiction stories for inspiration in TV and movies. With the success of Game Of Thrones on HBO and the boom of sci-fi and fantasy in YA fiction, I don’t find this entirely surprising. Cynically speaking, it seems a good time to turn to the classics in a genre that is under-appreciated by mainstream audiences (especially in book form) and try to make some dollars putting it into a more popular medium all while seeming original or groundbreaking in the process.

That doesn’t mean there can’t be some awesome results.

Predestination, a film based on the short story “–All You Zombies–” by Robert A. Heinlein, will be actor Ethan Hawke’s second film working with the Australian directorial team the Spierig Brothers. Their first film together was Daybreakers, a post-apocalyptic story where vampires have taken over the world and blood is in high demand. While the film wasn’t perfect, the concept was both cool and unique, and now the directors will have a chance to take a shot at one of the most famous time travel paradox stories of all time.

Whether or not you’ve read “–All You Zombies–” you are probably familiar with some of the time travel paradoxes presented, or at least the hypotheticals behind them, as they have seeped into a variety of other main stream films and TV shows. Hawke plays a Temporal Agent whose job it is to stop crimes before they occur. But of course his travels through time have other ramifications, which I won’t go in to, suffice it to say that tampering with certain events or existing in certain time lines can lead to some interesting things.

While time travel movies may not be everyone’s thing, I think this one looks very good. The atmosphere and cinematography for the setting looks great. I’m also happy someone has decided to create a time travel story based on this short, and it seems the Spierigs will treat the work with respect. Hawke even directly quotes one of the lines from the story in the trailer footage.

Predestination is set to be released in the United States in early 2015, which isn’t all that far off. I’m definitely psyched for this film, and I’m hoping that it is as good as the trailer makes it seem.


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