Short Story Sunday: The Penitent Damned

This week I’m sharing a fantasy short story that was originally debuted on io9. “The Penitent Damned” is a precursor to a series of novels being written by Django Wexler, the first of which is called The Thousand Names. Set in a world where magic is a rarity, the story follows a young thief who has magical powers and is trying to pull off a very high profile job. Of course, any job that pays well comes with a lot of trouble, but is it more than our thief can handle?

I haven’t read The Thousand Names, but after reading this story it is certainly something I am thinking about picking up. If you like epic fantasy stories but don’t necessarily want to commit to reading another series, starting with this short story is a good way to find out if Wexler’s writing and world are for you. But even if you have no interest in starting a new series, the story is still fun and stands on its own quite well.


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