Home Sweet Hell Looks Hellishly Fun

This trailer randomly appeared on my Facebook feed yesterday, and after taking a quick gander I was immediately captivated. This movie looks hilariously off the wall in all the right ways…or at least in ways that I could potentially enjoy.

It seems that Katherine Heigl may have found her best role yet. All I’ve ever really known her as was the love interest in rom-com type movies, the best of which was probably Knocked Up. But now she gets to play a psychopathic housewife who murders her husband’s lover, among others, and uses a samurai sword. I mean, come on, how juicy of a role is that?

Patrick Wilson also looks appropriately helpless and out of his depth with everything that is going on. The mid-life crisis that leads his character to cheat on his wife in the first place not only ends with his mistress getting pregnant (a relatively normal, if complicated, problem) but also with him and his wife going on a killing spree (not so average a response to the situation). His character’s name is also Don Champagne. All I’m saying is that whoever wrote this script is clearly a genius.

Judging purely by the trailer, I’d say this film has incredible potential, and I’m super psyched about it. Hopefully this isn’t one of those movies where the trailer is just way better than the film, but since that’s all we have to go on for now, you can color me impressed.


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