Hullabaloo Causing Quite a…oh the puns…

Time for another crowdfunded project, though this time we’ll be turning to Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter. James Lopez, an animator who has worked for Disney on famous projects like The Lion King and Hercules, has unveiled his own animated project Hullabaloo, a 2D animated film in a steampunk setting. With the success of Pixar and rise of computer animation there has been a dearth of 2D animated features. Lopez hopes to both revitalize interest in 2D animation and finally have an opportunity to create a story of his own rather than a project for a major studio.

Hullabaloo looks like a ton of fun. I’m definitely a fan of steampunk and animated features. It also seems to feature a variety of “strong female characters” which is always a plus. This trio of elements are all things that are underrepresented in pop culture at the moment, which is why I think this project is so exciting. It funded very quickly, which shows that this is they type of thing people want to see, and once again it is crowdfunding that is allowing this to happen.

Despite it already being funded, I think this is still a project worth donating to. The original campaign was essentially to fund a short film. With more funding, Hullabaloo can easily turn into a web series or possibly a full length animated feature. If you’d like to donate or essentially “pre-order” your copy of Hullabaloo, check out their Indiegogo campaign and fork over some cash.


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