Short Story Sunday: The King In Yellow by Raymond Chandler

This is a new thing I’m going to be trying out. I’m not sure how long it will continue, but if I can keep finding short stories worth sharing (namely ones that have free links online), then I will keep doing so.

Having recently finished True Detective, I decided to read Raymond Chandler’s short story “The King In Yellow” since I figured it would be another crime story that featured Robert W. Chambers’ strange mythology. Unfortunately, that is not the case, at least not in any overt way. While Chandler was clearly inspired by the work, the story doesn’t reference Carcosa or delve into any of the philosophical or metaphysical kinds of questions that True Detective did.

That being said, the story is still a fun read and done by one of the greatest crime writers of all time. If you’ve got an afternoon to kill, I definitely recommend checking it out.


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