“A Second Chance at Sarah” Hitting Stores Today

How far would you go for love? It’s the question at the heart of the newly released comic A Second Chance At Sarah. The protagonist, John, makes a deal with a demon to save the life of his dying wife Sarah. His quest sends him back to his high school where he will have one day to stop his now-future wife from selling her soul to the devil.

The art for the series is provided by Joysuke Wong, and it is written by Neil Druckmann who is perhaps more notable for his work in the video game industry, specifically on the Uncharted series and The Last Of Us. To me the story is a great take on the Young Adult genre. Druckmann takes a tragedy that is occurring between two adults and then brings the story into a high school setting with YA age protagonists. I think the stakes bring a bit of added gravity that can sometimes be hard to capture in a YA work, and the theme of love and loss is a strong and universal one that can touch any reader.

If you’re curious about the series or are still on the fence as to whether it might be for you, Dark Horse is providing a preview for it so that you can check out the first few pages for yourself. The story has definitely caught my eye, and I look forward to reading it soon.


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