The Flash Fiction Challenge

Do you like writing flash fiction? Are you up for a challenge? Then you’ll probably want to enter the Flash Fiction Challenge of 2014. For its sixth year running the competition pits writers against each other to create the best pieces of flash fiction (stories of 1000 words or less) in several rounds of short story writing until someone is crowned the victor. Writers are broken into groups and given prompts, and the author who is able to create the best story from that prompt advances out of the group to the next round.

I’ve never been great at writing flash fiction, since most of the ideas I have are for stories that take a much greater number of pages to fully develop. However, I do think that flash fiction is, at the very least, a useful tool for writers and something we should all practice at some point or another. Delivering your scenes, dialogue, messages, ideas, etc. in as concise a way as possible is a valuable thing to know how to do, and it is certainly something that could be helpful to a lot of writers who are looking at their 500,000 word first draft and trying to figure out where to make cuts. If nothing else, maybe this competition is a chance to explore a style of writing you haven’t before.

There is an entry fee, so if that’s something you can’t afford or is of concern for you, then you should be aware of that. This is also the last day to sign up for the event, so check it out now while you still have time!

Bonus! If you want some tips on writing flash fiction, particularly of the sci-fi variety, here’s a random blog post I found that might be helpful: helpful link here


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