Monsterwood on Kickstarter

Well, I’m sure you all know about my love of Kickstarter and Kickstarter projects at this point. I’m writing today about another comic book project I found that is looking for funding. Monsterwood, created by Jason Rosen, is actually a planned trilogy of graphic novels set in a fantasy world called Magog. It’s a coming-of-age story that follows the adventures of a princess and a commoner who must help her unravel the mysteries surrounding her parents’ murders.

It’s difficult to tell how good the story will be, whether or not it will come off as cliched or if it will have great plot twists and engaging, offbeat characters. It seems like it’s a fairly trope-based story, though this could work out well since coming-of-age stories are classic, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. What has me interested in this project more than the story is the setting.

Magog is a very visually appealing world, and I think the comic format fits the story well. The creatures we see in the promo images are strange and varied, and they would be difficult to accurately describe in a novel. What I find even more interesting is that there aren’t any humans in the story at all. While the main characters are bipedal, human-like creatures, they are some other kind of species.

I think this is a great approach to telling a fantasy story that many authors don’t utilize. Not having humans present brings the reader more into the fantasy aspect of the world. Of course the risk is that readers don’t feel they can connect to the world without humans present, but if the characters are strong enough, I don’t see this being an issue.

If Monsterwood sounds interesting to you, send some funds over to the project. There is less than a week left for it to be funded, and it is slightly short of its goal. I will say, before wrapping up, that the video is actually one of the worst Kickstarter videos I’ve seen, from the terrible dubbed monologue to the fact that the creator says almost nothing about the project. What sold me on it was the art frames displayed, which I find to be stunning. Anyway, I’m curious to see how the project works out, but first it has to get backed!


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