Some Big Books Headed to Screens Of Various Sizes

This week brought news of two major series in the SFF world heading for the small and big screens. Old Man’s War is going to be turned into a TV show, and the classic story A Wrinkle In Time looks to be getting a big screen adaptation.

Syfy has announced that it will be turning John Scalzi’s military science fiction classic into a TV show called Ghost Brigades. The series will be directed by Wolfgang Petersen who is most famous for directing Das Boot but was also the director behind some other famous films like The Neverending Story, The Perfect Storm, and Troy.

Old Man’s War became something of an instant classic in military sci-fi, and I think it is certainly deserving of a screen adaptation. That being said, does Syfy have the budget to really put together a strong show worthy of the source material? Some might argue that HBO would be a better choice, but in defense of Syfy, I do think that they have shown they can create high production quality shows as evidenced by Battlestar Galactica and, more recently, Defiance.

Perhaps more exciting, or anxiety causing, was the announcement that Jennifer Lee, the director of Frozen, has started penning a screenplay for a movie adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time. The beloved novel has already suffered through a terrible TV-movie adaptation in 2003, and fans who grew up with the story have been waiting for a long time for the book to get the on-screen production it deserves.

However, despite Lee’s success with Frozen, I think there’s some concern about how she (and Disney) will handle the adaptation. Perhaps the biggest fear is that they will try to make it a musical.

I’m tentatively excited by both of these announcements. Both of these novels (series even) deserve good screen adaptations, so I hope that they work out. The audiences are built in for them, the projects just have to be well executed.


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