Valor, a Kickstarter Comic Anthology

If you’re into fairy tales, comic books, and heroic women, then there’s a Kickstarter project for you. Valor is an anthology of short stories done in comic book form that will feature retellings of popular fairy tales, only now they will showcase strong and cunning female characters. The anthology will be edited by Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melancon, and it will feature the works of some of the most prominent creators in the world of digital comics.

I’d say that the most popular version of fairy tales that people are familiar with are the Disney versions. Unfortunately, one of the ongoing critiques of the Disney films is that they don’t portray women very well. I appreciate the creators of his project aiming to create more female empowering takes on these stories that we are already familiar with. I think it provides a cool alternative to the versions that we are used to and grew up with as children.

Valor has already reached its goal, but if you want to try and unlock some of their stretch goals or just get your hands on an early copy of the comic through the Kickstarter, check out their page and throw some money towards their work.


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