A Space Fairy Tale: A Review of Saga Vol. 1

Saga is an epic in comic book form created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and illustrator Fiona Staples. Set in a galaxy that has been slogging through an ongoing war, the story follows to former soldiers from opposing sides of the conflict who fall in love, marry, and decide to have a child together. Unfortunately for them, the higher powers have determined that their romance goes against the narrative of the war and might hurt the morale of the troops. As such they have dispatched soldiers and freelance bounty hunters to find and kill the couple.

The tale is narrated by the child (who has now been born and is grown), as she tells the harrowing tale of her parents’ lives in the days following her birth (though I believe the series will continue to carry on as the girl grows older). It features a wide range of interesting characters who are very well fleshed out by Vaughan. While the child character narrates, the reader gets to experience the world through the POVs of multiple characters including the couple on the run, the bounty hunters pursuing them, and the reluctant army commander assigned to find them. The world that he has come up with is also incredibly rich and amazing to see, and one of the great part about comics is that we actually do get to see it.

Staples’ art is really what makes Saga pop. She uses very familiar imagery from fantasy and fairy tales, like winged humans or satyr like people, to flesh out a sci-fi like setting full of planets, spaceships, and modern weaponry. It’s a marriage of sci-fi and fantasy unlike any I’ve ever seen before, and it’s the art that really pulls of the conceit so well.

I have only finished the first volume, and there are currently three that have been released. I’m not sure how well the story continues, but if each volume is as good as the first, then the series will be just fine. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new comic to read or for fans of genre fiction. Saga is a great story enhanced by rich imagery, and it is well worth your time.


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