Will Be Launching Its Own Book Imprint

This past Wednesday it was announced that will be launching its own book imprint. The imprint will be focused on acquiring and publishing more short fiction that falls into the categories of short stories, novellas, novelettes, and serialized novels. Readers will be able to access the works through the site as well as a mobile application. had already been posting a lot of short story and novelette length content, but with its new imprint the company will have the opportunity to bring in the work of even more authors. According to Macmillan Executive VP Fritz Foy, the imprint is going to aim to be more “author-centric” and according to Associate Publisher Irene Gallo, they are looking to have more of a “start-up” mentality and really question what areas in the world of traditional publishing and e-book publishing they can really improve on.

I’m very excited by this announcement. For one thing I think that it will open up greater opportunities for speculative fiction authors trying to break into the scene, particularly those who prefer to write in the short form rather than focus on the novels or series that have been so popular up until very recently.

I’m also generally happy with the notion that short fiction is starting to make a comeback thanks to the e-book and digital marketplace, as well as (honestly) people’s more cluttered lives that leads them to want to read shorter content. I think it’s a great format for storytelling and giving readers access to more and different types of stories sounds like a great thing to me.


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