The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum Project

A couple of years ago a non-profit organization called the New Starship Foundation raised money on Kickstarter to help save the touring bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek TNG. Now, after the success of their project, they are moving onto bigger, better, and more awesome sounding things. In order to have somewhere to store the bridge so that people can continue to enjoy it, they want to achieve funding for a new museum in Hollywood called the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.

The museum will feature exhibits on all of the most famous sci-fi movies and TV shows. People will be able to see props and other things from the sets of their favorite franchises and learn more about them. One of the featured exhibit areas is the Hall of Cars where guests can climb into cars like the Bat Mobile and other famous rides from sci-fi settings. Another is the a Special Effect and Animation exhibit that will show people how the monsters and aliens they love are brought to life.

But the museum is to be more than just a place to pay homage to successful speculative fiction worlds. It is also going to be a place where people can learn about science. One example of this is the Hall of Robots where guests will be able to see and interact with real robots that have been or are being developed. The museum will also be one of the few major museums to be run entirely on solar power.

I think this museum sounds fascinating, and I certainly hope it gets funded. The board for New Starship Foundation is made up of people who have worked in many different areas of sci-fi film and TV production, though perhaps the most famous of them is the man behind the Battlestar Galactica reboot Ronald D. Moore. Knowing that it is fellow nerd content creators at the helm of the project makes me feel that the museum will be done right.

If you want to learn more, you should check out the museum’s Kickstarter page. There are just over two weeks left to contribute to the project, so if this is something you think is cool, you might want to get moving.


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