Prometheus Saga Continues in Comic Book Form

While there are currently a lot of rumors surrounding the creation of the second Prometheus movie and no firm dates have been set, fans of the Alien universe will be able to learn more about what happens following the events of the first film in a comic book series that will be released by Dark Horse.

Unfortunately the story does not continue the tale of Space Adventurer Noomi Rapace and her loyal sidekick Michael Fassbender’s severed head. It follows a team of scientists sent to investigate the aftermath of the events in the film. And, if the cover art is any indication, we should be seeing more the Xenomorphs and Predators that we’re familiar with instead of whatever it was we were seeing in the Prometheus film.

Prometheus, to me, was a relatively enjoyable movie while I was watching it, but sadly several of the plot elements did not hold up under scrutiny. I am still curious about the second film, and in the meantime I think this comic could be very interesting. I’m a big fan of the original Alien trilogy of movies, and I want to see how the Prometheus stories evolve to get us to the start of Ripley’s story.

The Prometheus comics will begin being released on September 10th. A preview has already been released, and the panels, both in terms of art and writing, look very promising. I’m excited to see what the creators do with the material and what misadventures this new group of scientists finds themselves involved in.

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