Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds

I wrote about the new Ms Marvel yesterday and touched on the need for more stories with diverse characters. As it turns out, the Speculative Fiction Foundation is trying to promote that same idea with a new set of grants. The first is called the Diverse Writers Grant, which is meant to be given specifically to authors who are part of an underrepresented group, like members of the LGBT community, disabled people, or ethnic and racial minorities. The second is called the Diverse Worlds Grant and is given to writers of any background who are creating diverse worlds in a speculative fiction setting.

Funds for the grants were raised by Ellen Wright, a Senior Publicist with the Hachette Book Group, and Faye Bi, an Associate Publicist with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers who ran a marathon together to sponsor it.

Applications for the grant will be accepted between May 1st and July 31st every year. The winners will then be announced on September 15th. For more details you can check out the Speculative Fiction Foundation’s site.

I think it’s great that a grant is being presented to help writers from diverse backgrounds to achieve their dreams and to encourage or help all writers create settings that showcase more diverse characters and cultures. I for one am rather bored of the standard Medieval Tolkein-esque fantasy being re-imagined for the one millionth time only slightly differently. I’m excited about any project that promotes diversity, especially in the world of speculative fiction (since it’s my favorite genre), and I’m happy that some writers out there will be able to get some more help working on their projects.


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