Agent Carter and Constantine

Just as they took over the movies, comic book characters are going to be popping up all over the small screen soon. Arrow has shown us how good a super hero show can be, and soon we will be seeing a spin-off set in that universe for The Flash. Also, as I wrote about last week, Gotham will be showing us what the city was like before Batman as well as providing some insight into Jim Gordon’s career before becoming an ally of the Caped Crusader. But this past weekend two new comic book inspired shows were announced. The first is Marvel’s Agent Carter, and the second is based on the DC comic Hellblazer.

I am very excited for both of these shows. Haley Atwell was easily the best part of the first Captain America movie, and the fact that she will be getting her own show is pretty exciting. Hopefully it takes off faster than Agents of SHIELD, which I think has greatly improved, but it had a really slow start. The story will follow agent Peggy Carter in the years following World War II as she continues to run missions with Howard Stark. We will get to see her kick ass in the face of misogyny, and I imagine we will also see exactly how the SHIELD organization came to be and what role she played in it.

Constantine is the protagonist of the long running and beloved comic book series Hellblazer, which was brutally mishandled in its movie adaptation which starred Keanu Reeves. Now NBC will be taking a crack at the story in their new series Constantine. The trailer has me pretty psyched, and you can check it out here:

Now, while I will (likely) be putting up a post later this week about what I feel are some of the narrative pitfalls we’ve seen in Marvel’s super hero films, I am excited that we’re going to be getting some more comic-based TV shows. I hope that NBC handles Constantine correctly because I think it has the potential to be a big hit. They certainly have years (actually decades) worth of content to draw on that they can use to really flesh the show out, so the real challenge will be translating it all into good TV content.

As far as Agent Carter, I am always up for new shows that feature great female protagonists. Given Agents of SHIELD’s turnaround, I have high hopes for this show. I think Atwell did a great job with the role in the movie, and I’m excited to see her reprise it. Unlike Constantine, the only question for me is going to be the content. What types of plot and intrigue is she going to be tied up in and will the writers continually be able to make them interesting? This we’ll have to see.

On a slightly downer note, I would like to point out that Peggy Carter, a mere supporting character from the Captain America comic book franchise is actually going to be getting her own full fledged TV show before we get a Wonder Woman movie. Yeah, this is happening, in real life…


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