Order Up on Kickstarter

Have you ever worked in a restaurant as a waiter, hostess, or even a cook? Then there’s a new webisode series on Kickstarter that might spark your interest.

Order Up is a comedy that looks into the behind-the-scenes world of the New York City restaurant scene. The protagonist of the show is going through a scenario that 20-somethings of this generation are all too familiar with when he finds that he has to move back home to live with his parents. He also takes on a job working in the family business, which is an Italian restaurant.

Having grown up in New York where I have both frequented restaurants and worked in one as a part-time waiter, I can say that they are a great place to see all types of different people mingle and interact. There is a power dynamic between the patrons and the servers. There is also the power dynamic among the restaurant staffers, like how the waiters relate to the chefs or the bus boys. There are also a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds who work in the industry, and they are all forced to work together and get along (as best they can).

I think this is a neat idea and certainly has a great setting. There is a lot of potential for interesting conflict. On top of that, the problem of having to live with one’s parents is something that many people have had to face in the current economic climate, and so the overall story seems very relatable on that level.

If this sounds like something that you would like to see made, then you can check out Order Up’s Kickstarter page and throw some funds behind it.


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