Defiance: The Lost Ones

Recently a set of new webisodes for Syfy’s hit show Defiance were released onto the show’s website. Titled “The Lost Ones” the miniseries is meant to bridge the gap between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2. It features Nolan looking for Irisa, since she has apparently fled Defiance following the events of Season 1. He ends up in Denver and ends up getting into some trouble, as per usual, but the present-day adventure is periodically interrupted by flashback scenes. Much of the series explores the early days of Nolan and Irisa’s directly after he saved her from the snake cult that was performing a ritual on her. It shows how he defected from the army to runaway with her and save her from a life spent in alien refugee camps.

I was initially drawn to Defiance in part because it looked like the first attempt by Syfy to once again have a real show that wasn’t a spinoff from Stargate, a reality show, or an Asylum made-for-TV movie, but I was also interested in it because it is the first show I know of that planned to have narrative elements from the TV coincide with and reflect narrative elements that took place in an computer game set in the same world. I have never actually played the Defiance MMO, but I really liked the idea of having a storyline that fluidly transitioned between two different narrative mediums. The effect has been a little shaky at times, like when characters from the game were plunked into the show without any meaningful introduction, but I think it’s still a cool idea that the writers can continue to work with.

Now they’ve expanded again by using webisodes to tell part of the story. While webisodes aren’t so different from television, they are still a different format in terms of writing, progression, and production than a full-on TV series. I think it’s nice to see that the Defiance creators are willing to turn to different mediums and formats to tell the story that they’ve been working on. Will there eventually be Defiance books? Or perhaps comics? I’ll be curious to see if they evolve further in the future.

Defiance returns with its second season on Thursday, June 19th at 8pm EST. Though I wasn’t totally in love with the final episode of the last season, I still enjoyed the show overall, and I think it has a lot of potential moving forward. I’ll be curious to see what this upcoming season brings.


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