The Dead Kickstarts for Print

The Dead is a comic written by James Maddox and illustrated by Jen Hickman. The story follows a character named Sam who dies and wakes up in the afterlife. Only the afterlife isn’t the Heaven or Hell we’ve come to expect but rather a house full of seemingly infinite rooms. As Sam explores his new home, he finds that there are some sinister underpinnings and strange monstrous creatures that inhabit The House as well.

Currently The Dead exists primarily as a web comic, but its creators want to see it come to print. They feel that there is something about the printed page that gets people excited about a new story in a way that seeing it online or being told to find it on a website doesn’t. To this end they have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise some funds for printed versions of the work. The story is six issues long, and the final product will be a graphic novel 170 pages in length that includes all six issues.

Personally I enjoy indie products because oftentimes the narratives featured are different than what major publishers look for in a story. This lets the reader experience new things and consider issues or ideas that they might not have otherwise. The buzz in the industry regarding this comic is quite good too, so I encourage you to look into it and see if you’re as intrigued by it as I am.


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