The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When The Amazing Spider-Man originally came out, it seemed a little strange. Even in this age of reboots, restarting a series from scratch after another Spider-Man series had just concluded only five years earlier seemed too soon. Picking up with more films featuring a different cast would’ve been one thing, but a whole new reboot from the beginning? Of course it was a relatively safe bet, since who isn’t going to go see a superhero movie (unless word of mouth is absolutely terrible…like Green Lantern), but on top of that the first of the new Spider-Man, or should I say Amazing Spider-Man, movies was quite good.

Andrew Garfield was a great Peter Parker, being able to play both the awkward nerd and the taunting superhero really well. Emma Stone was an excellent Gwen Stacy, and I’m happy that this film actually had Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane, since in the original comic books Parker does date Stacy first. The two had a great supporting cast with heavyweights Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Denis Leary appearing in the film as the family members for the young couple. Rhys Ifans also played a very sympathetic and relatable villain in Dr. Curt Connors who eventually turns into the Lizard.

The newest trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man movie, the second in this new series, looks absolutely epic and fun. However, there are a couple of things that make me somewhat hesitant.

The first is the sheer number of villains in this film. We know that Jamie Foxx will be appearing as Electro, Paul Giamatti will be appearing as Rhino, and finally that Dane DeHaan will be playing Harry Osborn who is also better known as the Green Goblin. Spider-Man 3, by far the worst of the previous movie trilogy, suffered from a villain overload too (among other problems), and it there simply wasn’t enough time in the film to build up meaningful character in Spider-Man’s antagonists. Hopefully this film doesn’t suffer from that problem. I am hopeful that they somewhat know what they’re doing since there are currently four films planned as well as spin-offs for the Sinister Six and Venom, which does give much more room to tell complete stories for the characters who are important. Who knows, maybe some of the villains who appear in this film will bleed over to others and get longer, more meaningful stories.

The second thing maybe doesn’t make me hesitant so much as I hope they do it right. The previous Spider-Man movies completely butchered the Gwen Stacy arc. I was honestly not a huge fan of them introducing her in the final film. Ignoring her completely in favor of Mary Jane was fine, in my opinion, and including her in a way that didn’t make any sense with the source material was just weird and unnecessary. I hope for this series that they capture the Stacy arc correctly, since I think it will make the story much stronger. From what I’ve seen, it seems that they will, but you can never be too sure with Hollywood.

Either way, I’m very excited for this film, as well as many of the other superhero films that will be hitting theaters this summer. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.


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