Odd Thomas

February is mostly a dead month for movies. It’s the time when studios release the films that they don’t think can make it as summer blockbusters or that they don’t want the Academy to remember when it comes time for Oscar nominations. That being said, there are usually one or two films that come out during this time that are hidden gold. Last year Warm Bodies was that movie. But what will it be this year?

Personally my money isn’t on Robocop, since, despite its talented cast, it seems like a film that has been slotted into the slow months because it couldn’t cut it as a summer blockbuster. The two films on my shortlist for this year’s “Warm Bodies” are Vampire Academy and Odd Thomas.

Odd Thomas is based on a novel of the same name by Dean Koontz. It follows a young man named Odd Thomas (surprise!) who can communicate with demons and dead people. When dangerous forces begin to amass in his hometown of Pico Mundo he is the only one who can stop them, though he will need the help of his girlfriend Stormy Llewellyn and the sheriff Wyatt Porter. The leading role is played by Anton Yelchin of Star Trek and Charlie Bartlett fame. Up-and-coming actress Addison Timlin plays stormy and Willem Dafoe plays the part of the sheriff.

The trailer shows that this film looks to be along the lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sleepy Hollow in the way that it mixes horror and action with comedy and clever dialogue. Personally I’m excited for the potential of this project, as I really love the aforementioned shows and other stories that follow similar genre-crossing paths.

Following certain legal troubles, the film is now set to release and will hit theaters on February 28th. Hopefully it can provide the kind of fun lighthearted fun and entertainment that will turn it into a hit.


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