On October 7th, 2014, authors James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton will be releasing the first book in a Young-Adult series called Endgame. But what has me interested in this new project is actually less the books themselves and more the other media that will be surrounding them. The Endgame series not only features a trilogy of novels, but it is also planned to feature 15 e-book novellas, YouTube content, interactive puzzles, social media engagement, and an interactive augmented reality game created by Google’s Niantic Labs.

Niantic Labs made a splash with their game Ingress, the first major augmented reality games where players would solve puzzles based around real geographic locations and use their Google Nexus tablets to battle enemy players. Having the tie-in to a major novel release will likely give them more exposure and bring more people into this next gaming venture.

While James Frey has been somewhat of a controversial figure, I am curious to see how this project pans out. The idea of a story told across a variety of different platforms intrigues me, and I think it’s really neat, possibly even the future direction of big-budget story-telling. Incorporating augmented reality gaming, a developing field, into the project is even cooler.

This is an ambitious endeavor to say the least. It’s possible that it will fall flat, but either way I think I will be checking out Endgame to see if it can capitalize on all of the different media platforms it’s using and how the readership reacts and engages with it.


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