The Shows I’m Watching and You Should Too: Rake

Rake is one of the new shows of the 2014 season. The comedy stars Greg Kinnear, an inspired choice for the role of the embattled lawyer Keegan Deane. Deane is a defense lawyer who is flat broke due to his gambling problems. He owes money to an unsavory (and so far off-screen) character who sends his enforcer, Ray (played by Omar J. Dorsey) to collect on his debts. He lives with his friends Ben and Scarlet Leon who he knows from college (played by John Ortiz and Necar Zadegan respectively). Scarlet is the ADA, and in the first episode she goes up against Deane in court. The Leons also have children, which creates tension when Deane’s antics start to enter their lives.

Deane is also divorced from his wife Maddy (played by Miranda Otto of Lord of the Rings fame) who he has a son with. Maddy is a therapist and does not hesitate to call Keegan out on his narcissistic ways. During the first episode in which Deane has to defend an alleged serial killer who claims that the cops coerced him to sign confessions for killings he didn’t commit, all he can think about is the potential fame and monetary payout that will follow the case. However, at the end of the episode, without spoiling anything specific, we find out that Deane is actually quite a good lawyer, and that he will forgo these attempts at fame to do right by the case.

Kinnear does an excellent job with this role, and the supporting cast around him is great. The early episodes of the series are directed by Sam Raimi, and the first episode was amazingly good. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series progresses tonight and moving forward. So far Rake has shown Deane to be a character that exemplifies the idea that much of the things we struggle through in life our because of our own doing and the poor choices we make. Of course, it emphasizes this point in great comedic fashion.


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