The A to Z April Challenge

Are you a blogger and a fan of NaNoWriMo? Apparently there is a very NaNo-like challenge for bloggers that just came to my attention. The A to Z April Challenge asks bloggers to write a blog post every day in April except for Sundays. This means each blogger will write 26 posts, and each of those posts will be themed sequentially after a letter in the alphabet (thus A to Z…or Zed, if you’re British).

Given how poorly NaNo tends to go for me, I’m not sure whether or not I will be participating in this, but I have a couple of months to think about it. Anyway, I thought I would bring this up for anyone who might be interested. It seems like a great way to churn out some content for a blog, or even a way to jumpstart a new blog project with a ton of content. Those who think this might be fun should definitely consider signing up!


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