Taking Back Vampires

It looks like this summer there’s going to be another TV show I’ll have to watch (and you should too!). It also looks like another set of books I’ll have to read before the series begins…

Guillermo Del Toro’s book series The Strain has been picked up by FX as a TV series. This is actually interesting because he initially wanted to sell it as a TV show, but no one would pick it up. It was suggested that he write it as a book, with the help of author Chuck Hogan, and then see if he could sell it as a show after that. Apparently the gambit paid off, which does make me wonder a little about the state of the literary world. It seems more and more people are interested in writing novels more as treatments for movie or television scripts rather than pieces of art in their own write…but I digress. This is supposed to be a celebration!

For those who don’t know, The Strain is set in New York City and follows a group of people trying to live through an outbreak of a disease that is taking over the city. The story portrays vampires as sort of a hybrid creature between a vampire and a zombie, which is a pretty far departure from the traditional sexualized portrayals that we’ve seen even in more modern stories like NBC’s Dracula, Vampire Academy, and (yes) Twilight. I personally am excited to see a darker take on the creature, and I’m curious to see how this show turns out.

But first, to the books!


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