io9 Breaks Down Writers’ Block

Earlier today io9 posted an article about writers’ block. Specifically it detailed 10 different types of writers’ block and detailed different possible solutions to each one of them. I found this pretty interesting, as someone who has suffered from writers’ block frequently…or at it turns out suffered from multiple different types of writers’ block.

There are many writers who don’t believe in writers’ block, but every time that I have seen it written about or discussed, the solutions given are very generic. They are largely a lot of different things that a writer might try to overcome any point when he or she is having trouble. I feel like by looking more closely at some of the different reasons people have trouble moving forward with their stories this article provides better ways to keep writing. I very well may be using this as a reference in the future when I get stuck, so I thought I’d share with any other fellow writers, just in case it is helpful.


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